Solaris Tournament comes to Mechwarrior Online!

1v1? 2v2? This will be a new gameplay option and a sorely needed update to Mechwarrior Online! As a player, you will have the option to enter a ranked tournament solo, or with a friend. In Battletech lore, Solaris 7 is a planet that hosts a yearly Mechwarrior tournament. Mech pilots all throughout the Inner Sphere┬ácan travel to Solaris for chance at glory in an arena battle against other mech pilots! This addition to the game will bring back a lot of nostalgic feelings for many of us. Many MWO players were prolific players of the 2002 game Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries. MW4: Mercs was the last major Mechwarrior game released on the PC before MWO. This large gap left many in the Mechwarrior universe playing this game for many years, which is why this new Solaris addition will hold a special place in many of our stompy robot hearts! PGI has released a nice teaser trailer with everyone’s favorite announcer, Duncan Fisher (voiced by the famous George Ledoux). This trailer can be seen here:

More details regarding this new update were brought to light in December 2017 during MechCon in Vancouver, British Columbia. Many of these details can be seen in this longer video here!

Thanks for reading, and we will have many more details on Solaris soon!