So your Thinking of joining MS

You should know before you sign the dotted line MS is predominantly a Faction Warfare team.

If your looking for an organized team with exciting Drop Callers MS may be the crew you are looking for.

We have a Mech WIKI to help build your mechs. We post new build ideas in our SLACK chat on a regular basis and all of our pilots will take time with you to help prepare your builds and play style for the challenging game mode Faction Warfare.

Our teamspeak is hosted in Comstar and you are welcome and encouraged to drop by and say hello. You will find that the bulk of our players play early and late evening EST daily with folks who stay online until the early hours.

Now, if your a Drop Caller , on walkabout, looking for a new team to play with we would enjoy meeting you. Drop Callers are a special breed of pilot with a skill set I admire. They have to play 24 mechs in every match while I can barely manage the one I’m driving. Come over to Comstar, drop in and see Greystoke where I would love to hear about your adventures and ideas.

The Application Form is here on the Web Site. We will enjoy meeting you.