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WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS…..MY FRIENDS….. Congrats to the MS comp Team that too first place in MRBC BFM 6v6 Competitive League. This was our first real attempt at any sort of a competitive style league and I would say that

So your Thinking of joining MS

You should know before you sign the dotted line MS is predominantly a Faction Warfare team. If your looking for an organized team with exciting Drop Callers MS may be the crew you are looking for. We have a Mech

Solaris Tournament comes to Mechwarrior Online!

1v1? 2v2? This will be a new gameplay option and a sorely needed update to Mechwarrior Online! As a player, you will have the option to enter a ranked tournament solo, or with a friend. In Battletech lore, Solaris 7


As you can see Forums, as we had planned, has taken another turn. The decision has been made to only post “Announcements” on the web site with a link attached to our Slack channel. There you will be able to