While Mercstar is considered a multi-gaming community we are built around one game in specific Mechwarrior Online We pride ourselves on trying to help individuals become the best gamer they can be while having fun. We realize that not everyone will be of the same talent level when it comes to gaming and we accept that. We seek to aid each individual in self improvement and to help them find their glass ceiling. We realize that winning a lot of times does make gaming more fun but that you must also find fun in losing.

Our origins are in Mechwarrior Online.  We are pretty much a monogamous gaming unit dedicated to Mechwarrior.  We seek to improve the knowledge and skills of players at all levels of play.  We believe that a large portion of what separates the skill levels of players in MWO is knowledge first and skill second.

Having fun while focused on winning and self-improvement is our main objective. If this sounds like a group of people with similar ideals to your own then come check us out. Please visit the MercStar Teamspeak server for more details or watch one of our many streamers on the Mercstar TV section to decide if we are the type of group for you. Come join us and have some fun!

Note: In order to join MS you must be over the “Age of Majority” in whatever country you reside.