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[[Recommended drop decks]]
[[Recommended drop decks]]
[[skill tree suggestions]]
[[Lazer Vomit Skill tree]]

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Welcome to the MercStar Wiki page. Here you will find Meta builds and mechs we have created to help our members mechlab, and to have drop deck unity.

Attention new players! Please visit the TOP 5 Mechs For IS and Clan first. Those should be your first purchases if you plan on joining Mercstar.

Should you be an established player with multiple mechs please vist the Mechs by range section.

Note: While you can make some slight variations to some of the listed mechs, Please keep in mind to keep the core of the build as close as possible. There is a reason they are on the Wiki.

Thank you - Mahikan

Top 5 Mechs IS and Clan

IS Mechs By Range

Clan Mechs By Range

Recommended drop decks

Lazer Vomit Skill tree